Fundumental Algorithms, Theory II, or what is this mess???

This course is:
      Theory II
      CS 498 DL1 on the schedule (but would be CS 473)
      CRN: 65109
      Tuesday/Thursday 11-12:15.
      Location: 124 Burrill Hall (proof).

We had changed the algorithm courses in UIUC recently. There is CS 374, which is the new required class that covers some algorithms, and finite automata and similar exciting stuff. This class, is the Theory II class, and it is intended to be a followup course.

Specifically, this is the new version of the algorithms course. We no longer offer the old class (which was the second required theory class for undergrads). This new, improved, totally revolutionary version of the course is supposed to be a class that you take only if you are interested in learning algorithms is somewhat more depth. It is somewhat similar, but hopefully easier, than the old CS 573.

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