CS 473: Algorithms (Spring 2017)

Jeff Erickson (jeffe)
Alex Steiger (ajsteig2)
Charles Carlson (ccarlsn2)
Vivek Madan (vmadan2)
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Regular weekly schedule
Academic integrity policies
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January 18
Class will be held in 100 Gregory Hall on Monday, January 30, so that 1404 Siebel can be used by a distingushed visiting speaker. This will likely happen a couple more times this semester.
January 15

Regular weekly schedule

Mon Wed 4:00–5:15, 1404 Siebel
Office hours:
All in 3300G Siebel (the open area near 3304)
(All tentative for the first few weeks)
Jeff Tue 11–12 / Thu 3–4
Alex Fri 11–12
Charlie Mon 1:30–2:30
Vivek TBA
Due Wednesdays at 8pm, uploaded to Gradescope.
Homeworks are released at least one week before the due date.
Under normal circumstances, graded homework should be returned within 10 days of submission.

Si maintenant vous me donnez une équation que vous aurez choisie à votre gré, et que vous desirez connaître si elle est ou non soluble par radicaux, je n’aurai rien à y faire que de vous indiquer le moyen de répondre à votre question, sans vouloir charger ni moi ni personne de la faire. En un mot les calculs sont impracticables.
Évariste Galois
For every polynomial-time algorithm you have, there is an exponential algorithm that I would rather run.
Alan Perlis
Algorithms are for people who don't know how to buy RAM.
Clay Shirky