CS466: Introduction to Bioinformatics

Instructor: Jian Peng
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Email: jianpeng@illinois.edu
Office: 2118 Siebel Center
Office Hour: 11:00AM - 11:59AM M/W

Teaching Assistant: Wei Qian
PhD Student of Computer Science
Email: weiqian3@illinois.edu
Office: 1218 Siebel Center
Office Hour: 1:00PM - 2:00PM T/R

Location: 0216 Siebel Center
Time: 09:00AM - 9:50AM, M/W/F

Forum: piazza

Course Objectives

Introduction to bioinformatics:

Learning to do research:


Introductory materials

Molecular Biology for Computer Scientists by Larry Hunter.

An Introduction to Bioinformatics Algorithms by Neil C. Jones and Pavel A. Pevzner.

Grading Scheme

3-credit students:

4-credit students:


Problem Set 1




Course Mini-Project


Computational techniques:

Biological problems:

Team size

* Make clear your contribution in the project report


Assignments Policy


Date Presenter Slides
01/19/2018 Jian Peng Introduction [slides]
01/22/2018 Jian Peng Molecular Biology [slides]
01/24/2018 Jian Peng Probability and Statistics [slides]
01/26/2018 Jian Peng Probability and Statistics II [slides]
01/29/2018 Jian Peng Sequence [slides]
01/31/2018 Jian Peng Sequence II [slides]
02/02/2018 Jian Peng Alignment [slides]
02/05/2018 Jian Peng Alignment II [slides]
02/07/2018 Jian Peng Alignment III [slides]
02/09/2018 Jian Peng Pattern [slides]
02/12/2018 Jian Peng Pattern II [slides]
02/14/2018 Jian Peng Pattern III [slides]
02/16/2018 Jian Peng Review [slides]
02/19/2018 Jian Peng BLAST [slides]
02/21/2018 Jian Peng BLAST II [slides]
02/23/2018 Jian Peng BLAST III [slides]
02/26/2018 Jian Peng BLAST IV [slides]
02/28/2018 Jian Peng BLAST V [slides]
03/02/2018 Jian Peng BLAST VI [slides]
03/05/2018 Jian Peng Assembly [slides]
03/07/2018 Jian Peng Assembly II [slides]
03/09/2018 Jian Peng Assembly III [slides]
03/12/2018 Wei Qian Review I [slides]
03/26/2018 Jian Peng HMM [slides]
03/28/2018 Jian Peng HMM II [slides]
03/30/2018 Jian Peng HMM III [slides]
04/02/2018 Jian Peng HMM IV [slides]
04/04/2018 Jian Peng HMM V [slides]
04/06/2018 Jian Peng Motif Finding [slides]
04/09/2018 Jian Peng Motif Finding II [slides]
04/11/2018 Jian Peng Clustering [slides]
04/13/2018 Wei Qian Review II [slides]
04/16/2018 Jian Peng Clustering II [slides]
04/18/2018 Jian Peng Clustering III [slides]
04/20/2018 Jian Peng Classification I [slides]
04/23/2018 Jian Peng Classification II [slides]
04/25/2018 Jian Peng Classification and Regression [slides]
04/27/2018 Jian Peng Regression II [slides]
04/30/2018 Jian Peng Final Review [slides]