Course Schedule Spring 2020

This schedule is subject to change. Please check back frequently.

Final Exam: 7AM CDT Friday, May 15 - 7AM CDT Saturday, May 16 on Compass

The final exam will be administered through Compass ( on Friday, May 15th at 7AM CDT. We expect the exam to take about 3 hours, but you will have 24 hours to complete the exam, which is due at 7AM CDT on Saturday, May 16th. No late submissions will be accepted.

The exam is not collaborative. You MUST work on the exam by yourself. The exam is open-notes, open-book, and open-internet.

While the final exam is cumulative (i.e., it is fair to expect you to remember isolation), the exam is designed to evaluate the second half of class. The MP questions will be specifically for MPs 3, 4, and 5 (NOT MPs 1 and 2). Multiple choice questions will focus on material after the midterm (crypto - end of class).

While taking the exam:
  • If questions arise during the exam, please make a private post on Piazza, and the course staff will get back to you as soon as possible. We will be disabling public Piazza posts during the exam to avoid any question leakage.
  • Compass has its own session timeout, which may automatically log you out if you take breaks or pause in between questions. Unfortunately, we cannot control this timeout, so please save your answers after every question that you complete.
  • If there are class-wide exam clarifications/issues that arise during the exam period, we will post information on Piazza, so please keep a close watch on Piazza / your email.


Monday Lecture Wednesday Lecture Friday Discussion
Jan. 22
Chapter 01 – Adversarial Mindset Slides
Introduce OS. Slides
Jan. 27
Chapter 02 – Ethics and The Law Slides
Jan. 29
Chapter 03 – Simple Buffer Overflow Slides
AppSec MP1 CP1 Slides
Feb. 3
Chapter 04 – Control Flow Hijacking Slides
AppSec Project, Checkpoint 1 due 6pm
Feb. 5
Chapter 12 – Web Security Slides
AppSec MP1 CP2 Slides
Feb. 10
Chapter 11 – Database Security Slides
Feb. 12
Chapter 14 – Cloud Security Slides
AppSec Project, Checkpoint 2 due 6pm
Websec MP Intro Slides
Feb. 17
Chapter 06 – Malware Slides
Feb. 19
Chapter 07 – Malware Defense Slides
WebSec Project, Checkpoint 1 due 6pm
WebSec CP2 Slides
Feb. 24
Chapter 08 – Testing Slides
Feb. 26
Chapter 09 – Access Control Slides
Chapter 10 - Isolation Slides
No Discussion
Mar. 2
Chapter 15 – Authentication Slides
WebSec Project, Checkpoint 2 due 6pm
Mar. 4
Chapter 16 – Message Integrity Slides
Crypto CP1
Mar. 9
Chapter 16 - Message Integrity (cont.), Randomness, Chapter 17 - Confidentiality Slides
Crypto Project, Checkpoint 1 due 6pm
Mar. 11
NO CLASS (midterm allowance)
Crypto CP2
Discussion Video
CP2 Code
Mar. 16
NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Mar. 18
NO CLASS (Spring Break)
Mar. 23
Chapter 17 - Confidentiality Slides
Mar. 25
Chapter 18 - Key Exchange and Key Management Slides
Crypto Project, Checkpoint 2 due 6pm
NetSec CP1
Discussion Video
Demo Code
Mar. 30
Chapter 21 - Anonymity and Privacy Slides
Apr. 1
Chapter 20 - Networking Attacks Slides
NetSec Project, Checkpoint 1 due 6pm
NetSec CP2
Discussion Video
Demo Code
Apr. 6
Chapter 20 - Networking Attacks (cont.) Slides
Apr. 8
Chapter 20 - Networking Attacks (cont.), Chapter 23 – Network Defenses Slides
No Discussion
Apr. 13
Chapter 23 – Network Defenses (cont.) Slides Chapter 24 – DDoS Slides
NetSec Project, Checkpoint 2 due 6pm
Apr. 15
Chapter 25 – Worms and Botnets Slides
Forensics CP1
Discussion Video
Apr. 20
Chapter 26 – Spam, Abuse, Phishing Slides
Forensics Project, Checkpoint 1 due 6pm
Apr. 22
Chapter 30 - Forensics, Auditing, Logging Slides
Forensics CP2
Discussion Video
Example Files
Apr. 27
Chapter 29 - Physical security Slides
Apr. 29
Chapter 27 - Human factors Slides
No Discussion
Forensics Project, Checkpoint 2 due 11:59pm
May 4
May 6
Final Thoughts with Michael Bailey Slides
MP4 Final Review

Midterm Exam: 7:30-9:30 p.m., March 10th, 2020, 1002 ECEB Midterm Fall '15 , Midterm Spring '16, Midterm Fall '16, Midterm Spring '17, Midterm Spring '18, Midterm Fall '18

Final Exam: 7AM CDT Friday, May 15 on Compass until 7AM Saturday, May 16.