Final Project Results

A Multi-block-matching Approach for Stereo - Chen Chen and Michael Qiu

Focus Stacking - Nicholas Chan

GrabCut - Michael Meyer, Ryan Kuck, Kevin Nadro

Seam Carving for Image Resizing - Dylan Rebelak

Infinite Panorama Video Stitching - Yiwen Xu, Ke Wang, Mariko Wakabayashi

Semantic Image Segmentation via Fully Convolutional Networks - Matthew Falkenhainer

Robust and Fast Side View Vehicle Detection and Counting - Meng Han, Vivek Ramadoss

Seam Carving - Luke Puchner-Hardman

Video Magnification - Miles Teh, Allen Qiu

Body mass index prediction - Yilin Dong

Image morphing - Priya Mittal

Morphine - Bejamin Ng

Image Analogies - Osayd Abdu

Face Morphing - Erik Luo, Michael Li

Footage Trimming - Sourabh Desai

Image Superresolution using Deep Convnets - Stephen Salerno

Tour Into the Picture - Hsuan Chen, Chia-I Wei

Automatic Makeup and Facial Beauty Enhancement - Tianyuan Zhang, Mao-Chuang Yeh, Xingyu Xiang, and Xiaoxuan Gu

Eigenfaces and Fisherfaces - Qing Wang and Weihang Zhang

Material synthesis by image analogy and image quilting - Theerasit Issaranon

Object Detection in Video using Faster R-CNN - Prajit Ramachandran

Camera Position Estimation - Ulzee An, Harry Jian

Forgery Detection via Inconsistent Shadows - Ben Chansky

Synthetic Aperture and Lens - Shuai Tang, Dingcheng, Yue Mao­Chuang Yeh

Using GrabCut and KMeans for 2D Movement Tracking and Pose Recognition - Abhishek Modi, Harshit Agarwal

Object Detection in Video - Byeong-Bin Seong Ramachandran

Scene Completion with Many Images - Blade Chapman, Chris Shroba, Niki Wells, Austin Gadbois

Mode Shape Visualization using Phase Based Motion Magnification - Vedhus Hoskere

Interactive Image-Editing Program - Ching-Yu,Liu Yao-Tsung,Hsu Yu-Ching, Huang

Image Analogies - Mark Gubutan, Akash Jain

Braille Lens - David Silin

Fake photo detection - Jiayi Cao

Neural-Network-Based Scene Classification - Tin-Yin Lai, Iou-Jen Liu

Handwriting Recognition - Dakota Quealy, Kevin Li, Steven Cao

Seam Carving - Martin Liu, Kan Zi Yang

Automatic Panorama Stitching - Lisheng Yang

Tour into the Picture - Indira Gutierrez Polo

Optical Music Recognition - Matt Rajca

Face Recognition with k-tree - Zheyi Zhu

Face Recognition with k-tree - Jacob Trueb

Image Retargeting - Chi Zhou, Zhenbang Li

Face Morphing - Bingwen Fu

Face Detection and Matching - Mahika Dubey

360 Degree Spherical Panorama Stitching - Nicholas Tripp

Live Frame Alignment on Mobile Phones - Mark Miller