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CS 440/ECE 448
Fall 2021
Margaret Fleck

Welcome to CS 440/ECE 448, Fall 2021!

We'll be using a number of electronic tools this term. This website is the central location from which you can find all the other tools.

These pages are mostly ready, so feel free to explore. However, there may be last-minute tweaks.

What should I do right away?

Add yourself to this course on piazza (see link above). Fairly soon, I'll start using piazza for announcements rather than email.

Browse the web site and, in particular, read the syllabus.

Watch and/or read the lectures for the first week (see lectures link tab above).

If you haven't used Python before, install it and start experimenting with it. See the MPs page (tab above) for details.

If you registered late (or are still trying to register), see the syllabus page (tab above) for how to get connected to our various electronic resources.


The CS academic office controls the course caps. I cannot override anyone into the class. The "CS only" restrictions will be lifted around August 27th. If you are not yet registered, please feel free to participate in class while watching for a seat to open. Be aware that we will not add students after Add Date (10th day of classes).

It is straightforward for graduate students to switch to 3sh or undergraduates to switch to 4sh. Contact the CS academic office to get the right form. The office is very crowded during the first week of classes, so it's best to wait until after that.