CS/ECE 438: Communication Networks, Spring 2014

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Computer communication networks are among the most important and influential global infrastructures that humanity has created. The goal of this course is to provide a foundational view of communication networks: the principles upon which the Internet and other computer networks are built; how those principles translate into deployed protocols; and hands-on experience solving challenging problems with network protocols.

Topics will include link-layer technology; switching; routing; the Internet Protocol; reliability, flow control, congestion control, and their embodiment in TCP; quality of service; and network security. The course will involve a significant amount of Unix-based network programming using the C language. Students who are not already familiar with ANSI C should learn it quickly.

Course Staff

Matthew Caesar 3118 SC 847-323-2968 (cell) By appointment
Siting Chang
Monday 9am, Friday 3pm
Fred DouglasBy appointment
Lingyu XuTuesday 2:30pm, Friday 10am