Communication Networks Fall 2016


Nikita Borisov
Office Hours: 9–11:30 a.m. Thu, 460 CSL

Teaching Assistants

Ailing Zhang
Office Hours: 9 a.m.–12 p.m. Fri, 2036 ECEB

Muhammad Haris Mughees
Office Hours: 12:30–3.30 p.m. Tue, 3036 ECEB



Computer Networks: A Top-Down Approach by Kurose & Ross. 7th ed., but earlier editions are acceptable

Textbook is recommended, but not required.

Other texts

Computer Networks by Peterson and Davie
Computer Networks by Tannenbaum and Wetherall
The Sockets Networking API by Stevens et al.

Available online through Safari Books.
When accessing from off campus, use the library proxy

Questions Please use Piazza for all class-related questions or discussions. You can post a public question (visible to all) or a private one (visible to course staff only). Make sure to use private posts if you are sharing a part of your homework or MP solution.


3 units 4 units
Homework 15% 11.25% Assigned every 2 weeks, carried out individually
MPs 35% 26.25% 3–4 during the semester, in teams of one or two
Midterm Exam 20% 15% Covers the first half of the course
Final Exam 30% 22.5% Covers the entire course
Project N/A 25% Mini-research project or survey