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Fall 2014


Machine Problems

All Machine Problems (MPs) will be posted here. There will be three to four MPs. Unless otherwise stated, you should work on your MP individually. You can discuss concepts and clarifications of the MPs with other students and the course staff.



  • [11/7] MP2 released. Due 11.59 PM, Dec 3rd (Wednesday).


  • [9/27] MP1 deadline extended to 11.59 PM, October 1st (Wednesday). Last and final extension.
  • [9/25] Submission instructions released.
  • [9/25] MP1 Grader released.
  • [9/11] MP1 released. Due 11.59 PM, October 1st (Wednesday). 11.59 PM, September 28th (Sunday).

Homework Assignments

  • Homework assignments (HWs) will be posted here. There will be about four to five HWs, and they will be handed out (approximately) bi-weekly. We will stagger HW deadlines so that they do not clash with MP deadlines.
  • For HWs, you must submit hardcopy  are typed. Figures may be drawn by hand. Handwritten solutions will be returned without being graded. For each homework, please make sure each new problem solution starts on a fresh sheet, and that your name appears at the top of each sheet. Homeworks are due at the start of the lecture on the due-date (no excuses).

  • You must work on all homeworks individually.

  • You can discuss concepts and clarifications of questions with other students and the course staff.

  • Unless otherwise specified, the only resources you can avail of in your HWs are the provided course materials (slides, textbooks, etc.), and communication with instructor/TA via newsgroup and e-mail. You can

  • [11/14] HW4 released. Due Dec 4th at beginning of lecture.

  • [10/23] HW3 released. Due Nov 11th at beginning of lecture.

  • [9/23] HW2 released. Due Oct 7th at beginning of lecture.

  • [9/2] HW1 released. Due Sep 18th at beginning of lecture.


    • Midterm around the middle of the semester. It will be closed-book, closed notes. Calculators ok. NO cheatsheets or cellphones or other devices allowed.
      • Sample Midterm Problems [pdf]
      • Midterm Solution released [A] [B]
    • Final exam is at the end of the semester.

    Regrading Policy

    • All regrade requests must be submitted back within 1 week of the graded HW/MP being returned. Regrade requests must be in writing on a separate piece of paper, and must clearly indicate the question number(s) and part(s) to regrade (and if necessary, the reason for the regrade request).
    • Regrade requests submitted after one week of the HW/MP being returned will not be regraded.
    • All regrading decisions will be final (i.e., no regrade requests on regrades).