CS 421: Programming Languages and Compilers
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More or Less Directly Class Related
  • Cardelli's paper on Type Systems [pdf]
  • Mattox's Introduction to Continuations [pdf]

Passwords & EWS

Objective CaML

Mac OS X Setup Instructions
  • Command Lines Tools like make may be obtained as a part of XCode:
    1. Check to see if you can download XCode. (You can do this by attempting to download XCode via the App Store application.)
      • If you do not have the App Store on your computer, or the App Store tells you to upgrade Mac OS X, you will need to do so prior to continuing. This upgrade should be free for recent versions of Mac OS X.
    2. Assuming you have the prerequisites for obtaining XCode and haven't downloaded it yet, donwload XCode.
    3. Upon successful installation of XCode, open XCode and proceed through the Terms of Service/License Agreement.
  • Once complete, you can close XCode.
  • Open up Terminal (or your favorite Terminal app) and run xcode-select --install. This installs the Command Line Tools.
  • Once complete, follow the instructions on OCaml's official documentation for installation of OCaml.
    (Homebrew is perhaps the easiest way to go.)
If you want to use an IDE:
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