Course Project

Unless otherwise specified, each project stage is due at 3:15pm on the specified due date.


Grading Criteria
Stage 0
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

Computing Resources (database accounts and computing resources for your projects).


HW1 Solution
HW2 Solution
HW3 Solution
HW4 Solution
HW5 surveySolution

Graduate Project

Graduate students MAY take this course for 4 credit units. This option is not available to undergraduates, who should take this course for three hours credit. Perform an independent study -- by yourself individually and independently -- of a database topic (see sample topics) in depth. Prepare a 10-20 pages written report and presentation slides . Good projects may be selected to present in class.


Each milestone is due at 11:59pm on the specified due date.

Grading Criteria

Grad Project Stage A
Grad Project Stage B
Grad Project Stage C


Submission by regular on-campus students

Unless otherwise specified, assignments are to be submitted at the course administrator's office, SC2106, by 3:15 PM on the specified due date. Please note that the office closes at 12 noon for an hour. Do NOT submit them in class.

Returned Assignments

Graded homeworks will be returned after class as soon as they are available. Unclaimed assignments can be picked up in SC 2106 by on-campus students, after initial distribution.

Regrading Policy (also available on the Policies page)

Students have three days after grades are posted to submit a written request for regrading. The written request must show that a student have read solutions and compared his/her answers to the solutions. A request should specify exactly why more points are to be awarded. This request should be sent to a TA responsible for the homework. The responsible TA (instead of the original graders) will be in charge of regrading, and therefore the decision will be final. Depending on the regrading, the final grade may be higher, lower, or unchanged. The TA has the option of reevaluating the entire homework. The decision timeframe is ONE week.