Course Cluster

As CS398 aims to provide practical training in cloud computing, you will do most of the MPs on our course cluster.

The course cluster address is:

(Last updated 3-26-18 at 7pm)

Getting Access

We distribute cluster key pairs (.pem file) through our course gitlab. You can get your key from your course gitlab repository. Once you download the <NETID>_ssh.pem file, run the following commands from your local machine:

  chmod 400 <NETID>_ssh.pem

  ssh <NETID>@<cluster_address> -i /path/to/<NETID>_ssh.pem


  1. Do not share your AWS credentials with anyone.
  2. Do not do other course work on the course cluster.
  3. Do not run any other side projects with the course cluster.
  4. Do not use excessive resources or break the cluster.

The point is, only YOU should use the cluster only to do this course’s MPs/final project.

We monitor the cluster usages closely, and the instructors reserve the right to revoke your cluster privilege if deem necessary.

Also see the MP Policy on the Syllabus.