CS/ECE 374: The Waiting List

The deadline for joining the waiting list has passed.

The waiting list has been cleared.

To help relieve some of incredibly high demand for CS/ECE 374 this semester, Jeff is maintaining an informal waiting list, so that as students drop the class, other interested and qualified students can enroll. If you are interested in taking CS/ECE 374 this semester but are unable to register, please add yourself to the waiting list no later than Wednesday, August 24. As students drop, we will offer registration overrides to people on the waiting list as described below.

After joining the waiting list, please also enroll yourself on Gradescope (with the code 9V6WG9), Piazza (with the code 374), and Moodle (with the code 374), to get access to homeworks, class discussion, and self-study quizzes, respectively.

Joining the waiting list does not guarantee you a spot in the class. Altogether, we expect to offer a total of 30–50 overrides. There are already close to 100 unregistered students on the waiting list. So realistically, joining the waiting list gives you at most a 50% chance of eventually getting in. On the other hand, if you don't join the waiting list, you definitely won't get in.

Unfortunately, we do not have space for unregistered students in the lecture hall or in the labs, at least for the first few weeks. Please do not attend lecture or any lab section until you are officially registered. Lecture videos, slides, lecture notes, lab handouts, and lab solutions will all be available on the course web page.

How the waiting list works

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