We will not take attendance, but it is recommended since we won't be recording the lectures.

Course work

There will be 10 assignments. Assignments will be a mix of problems, proofs, and programming assignments. Programming submissions should use the R programming language. Some assignments will require you to work individually, others will allow group work. Each assignment will state the group work policy

There will be a take home final which will be a programming assignment involving concepts from several chapters


The homework will count for 75% of the final grade, and the final exam will count for 25%. Grade cutoffs will be determined at the end of the course.

We will drop the lowest homework grade to calculate the homework grade total

The grade cutoffs will be at least as generous as standard cutoffs, with curving in your favor if the distribution of grades requires us to do so.

Academic integrity

We expect you to do your own work in the course. We expect you are familiar with university and department policy on cheating and plagiarism.