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Online Message Board


We will be using CampusWire for all course related communication. The course staff will post important announcements and it is your responsibility to stay updated. If you have a question or a concern, please post it on CampusWire. Most questions can be posted publicly. However, if you are asking a question about your grades specifically or some other private matter, you may post the question/note privately. Specifically, do not post answers (answers, plots, code etc.) publicly on CampusWire.

Please do not email the course staff, but post on CampusWire instead. This is both to assist other students who may have similar questions and to ensure you receive the fastest response possible by making it visible to the entire course staff.

We will not debug code via the message board. If you need assistance debugging your code, please reach out to us during office hours.

Student hours

Office hours will be hosted using Zoom (starting from week 2), and the links are provided below.

At this time, we are not planning to provide in-person office hours. Some staff members may choose to offer a hybrid mode for office hours, with an outdoors physical location. In case this happens, we will post announcements on CampusWire.

On the Thursdays with a scheduled quiz, office hours from 12pm to 8pm are canceled.

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10am-11am Linjia Kyo
11am-12pm Linjia Kyo
12p-1pm Akshit
1-2pm Akshit
2-3pm Raul Nikitha Peter
3-4pm Michael Mingyuan Alexey Raul+ Nikitha Peter + Nicolas
4-5pm Michael Mingyuan Alexey Ashley Nicolas
5-6pm Ashley Jacob + Victor
6-7pm Jacob + Victor Victor
7-8pm Jacob + Victor



The TAs and CAs will open the queue as needed during Student Hours. We will use Queue for all Group Activities.