Systems Programming

CS 241, Spring 2014

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Wk Date Event Assignments Readings and Notes
1 Mon Jan 20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
(No classes, no office/lab hours)
Wed Jan 22 Course Introduction MP0 Released (MP0 files) How to study: a brief guide
Thu Jan 23 Discussion Section ds0  
Fri Jan 24 Introduction to C   appendix_L02
2 Mon Jan 27 C No Evil    
Wed Jan 29 Operating Systems MP0 Due
MP1 Released
Thu Jan 30 Discussion Section    
Fri Jan 31 System Calls appendix_05
3 Mon Feb 3 Heap Memory What is a kernel?
Wed Feb 5 Heap Memory II MP1 Due
MP2 Released
Thu Feb 6 Discussion section  
Fri Feb 7 Heap Memory Wrap-Up and Paging   appendix_08
4 Mon Feb 10 Memory: Paging II  
Wed Feb 12 Memory: Paging III MP2 Part I Due appendix_10
Thu Feb 13 Discussion Section  
Fri Feb 14 Memory Wrap Up    
5 Mon Feb 17 Processes   appendix_12
Wed Feb 19 Processes MP2 Part 2 Due
MP3 Released
Thu Feb 20 Discussion Section  
Fri Feb 21 Processes    
6 Mon Feb 24 POSIX Threads   appendix_14
Wed Feb 26 POSIX Threads II

MP3 due
MP4 Released

Thu Feb 27 Discussion section    
Fri Feb 28 Synchronization    
7 Mon Mar 3 Synchronization   P_V_counter.c MID-TERM STUDY GUIDE
Wed Mar 5 Preemptive Scheduling quantum.c
Thu Mar 6 Discussion section SAMPLE MID-TERM EXAM
Fri Mar 7 Synchronization MP4 Due  
Sat Mar 8 Midterm Review Session I
12PM-2PM 0216SC
8 Mon Mar 10 Lecture: Midterm Review Session II

Midterm Exam
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Exam Room Assignments
Last Name:
A - M: SIEBEL 1404, map
N - V: EVRT 269, map
W - Z: EVRT 165, map
Unregistered Students: EVRT 165

Wed Mar 12 Using Semaphores   rw1.c poll
Thu Mar 13 Discussion section  
Fri Mar 14 Condition variables   questions, pc.c, rw2.c, rw3.c  
9 Mon Mar 17 Condition variables condition.c
Wed Mar 19 Deadlock MP5 Released question
Thu Mar 20 Discussion section    
Fri Mar 21 Introduction to signals    
10 Mon Mar 23 Spring Break
Wed Mar 25
Fri Mar 27
11 Mon Mar 31 Deadlock prevention   question
Wed Apr 2 Deadlock wrapup; IPC: shared mem   shm.c
Thu Apr 3 Discussion section    
Fri Apr 4 IPC: mmap and pipes   mmap.c, pipe.c
12 Mon Apr 7 IPC: pipes and FIFOs   ls_wc.c
Wed Apr 9 I/O Multiplexing MP5 Due
MP6 Released
questions, fifostdin.c, epoll.c
Thu Apr 10 Discussion Section    
Fri Apr 11 I/O Multiplexing, Signals   epoll.c, signal_handler.c
13 Mon Apr 14 Signals   signal-v1.c, signal-v2.c
Wed Apr 16 Networking    
Thu Apr 17 Discussion section    
Fri Apr 18 Networking 2  
14 Mon Apr 21 Sockets   socket_simple_client.c, socket_simple_server.c
Wed Apr 23 HTTP MP6 Due
MP7 Released
Thu Apr 24 Discussion section    
Fri Apr 25 DNS    
15 Mon Apr 28 Networking wrap-up   server.c
Wed Apr 30 I/O question, copy.c
Thu May 1 Discussion section    
Fri May 2 Filesystems    
16 Mon May 5 Security MP7 Due  
Wed May 7 Wrap-up and beyond CS 241
Fri May 16 Final Exam, 8-11 am
Last name A - Le: in 1404 Siebel
Last name Li-Z: in 151 Loomis
Study guide
Practice exam