MP0: Baby-steps in C

Due: Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013 at 11:59pm via svn

MP Overview

This MP consists of 19 functions, each containing one or more of the following problems: The 19 functions are divided up into four files: part1.c, part2.c, part3.c, and part4.c. Each function describes its purpose. You will need to edit the code in order to make sure the function achieves its written purpose.

File Overview

You will find the following files as part of this MP:


The grading for MP0 follows the standard CS 241 MP Grading Policy.

For the execution (90%) of the MP grade, each of the 19 functions will carry equal weight.

Compiling and Running

To compile and run, use the following commands from a terminal on a Linux machine:

$ make clean
$ make
$ ./mp0

To check the output of the MP, run the following command:

$ ./mp0 >my.out
$ diff -s my.out soln.out

Your program's execution is correct if and only if the output of the diff program prints:

Files my.out and soln.out are identical

You will also need to run valgrind to ensure your program does not contain memory leaks or illegal memory accesses. The full details are outlined in the CS 241 MP Grading Policy. This "memory testing" is worth 10% of your overall grade.