Welcome to Angrave's System Programming class Spring 2015 (CS241)

Exam information

Final Exam is 3hours, Monday (5/11/2016) 8am. Setting two alarms is encouraged. The exam is comprehensive and includes multiple choice and long answer questions.
There are no expected spare seats; you may be required to walk to the other room if you go the incorrect room.
The conflict exam (by prior arrangement only) is 24 hours later Tues 8am SC0216.
If you have a legitimate excusable absence, you must contact me(angrave) before the exam starts. You must also contact the emergency dean and obtain documentation of the reason for your absence.
Function signatures and constants will be provided in the final exam. Here is an example from last year:final.pdf

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  • Lecture content

  • See your week14 - Finale (earlier: 13 - Files Files Files, 12-Streaming webcam, 11-Protocol & Packets, MP Jam & Anti-Interview Questions ,10-Epoll and sockets, 09-Potent pipes, 08-Working Philosophers, 07-TimeMachine-Stackfail 06-JavaVsNativeThread, 05-PairProgramming,04-shpar, 03-make,02-mini editor ,01-bad.c)