Welcome to Angrave's System Programming class (CS241)

For this class you will not need to buy an expensive textbook. Instead you will need to purchase the following items:
  • Dragon Touch Y88X Android 4.4 ($50; choose a color!)

  • The above tablet does not support bluetooth. We have tested the following (microusb) keyboard -
  • 7 inch micro-usb keyboard ($12; again chose a color)
  • If the keyboards are out of stock we will find an alternative supplier. This tablet will be the reference device used for the course. You may (but we do not recommend or support) use an alternative device at your own risk.
    These items might be available in the Techstore later in the semester.
  • Be sure to charge the tablet for 12 hours before turning on the first time.
  • Suggest you write your netid on the keyboard case. If you lose or break your device you will need to purchase another one

  • You will also need to sign up to
  • https://illinois.instructure.com/ for grades
  • https://piazza.com for Q&A (grading issues must be discussed face-to-face with your section TAs and CAs)

    Choose your next step

  • Review the quiz8 practice exam cs241_08_files_exams.pdf
  • MP Wearables Released
  • Review the quiz7 practice exam cs241_07_sockets_scheduling.pdf
  • Review the quiz6 practice exam cs241_06_deadlock_pipe_fseek_practice.pdf
  • MP Map Reduce Released
  • Review the quiz5 practice exam cs241_05_sync2_practice.pdf
  • MP Merge Released
  • MP Malloc Released

  • See your week13 - Files Files Files assignment (earlier: 12-Streaming webcam, 11-Protocol & Packets, MP Jam & Anti-Interview Questions ,10-Epoll and sockets, 09-Potent pipes, 08-Working Philosophers, 07-TimeMachine-Stackfail 06-JavaVsNativeThread, 05-PairProgramming,04-shpar, 03-make,02-mini editor ,01-bad.c)

  • Search past CS241 lectures and mini-videos
  • Watch the movie (videos + browser VM)
  • Read the book
  • Continue onto course description, Office Hours and Meet the team (e.g. who is leading your section?)
  • Lecture content