Lecture Week 2: Computer Architecture

Second Course Meetup: Tuesday, Feb. 2

The second course meetup at on Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 12:30pm on Zoom. We will use the same link all semester long (same as last week, and you can find it in Compass 2g as the only announcement for CS 240).

Lecture Handouts

(I strongly recommend you print out – or use a tablet – to take notes as you go through the videos. They’re designed to cover the same sample problems you’ll see in the lectures.)

Lecture Topics + Videos

  1. Programming in C - MediaSpace Video
  2. Binary Addition - MediaSpace Video
  3. Two's Complement - MediaSpace Video
  4. Bit Shifts - MediaSpace Video
  5. Logic Gates - MediaSpace Video
  6. Half Adder Circuit - MediaSpace Video
  7. Full Adder Circuit - MediaSpace Video
  8. Ripple Carry Adder and Analysis - MediaSpace Video

Course Meetup

MPs and Homeworks

  1. MP1: Emoji, due Feb. 8 by 11;59pm
  2. Homework 3: Data Representation (PrairieLearn), due Feb. 8 by 11;59pm