Lecture Week 14: Act 2 Finale

Course Meetup: Tuesday, Apr. 27

The next course meetup at on Tuesday, Apr. 27 at 12:30pm on Zoom. We will use the same link all semester long (same as last week, and you can find it in Compass 2g as the only announcement for CS 240).

Midterm Exam Information

The CS 240 Midterm #2 exam is on Thursday, Apr. 29.

  • This exam consists of a design question where you will implement a server design AND a small microservice programming question.
  • A sample midterm is available here.
  • (Note: Due to the exam, all office hours will not be held on April 29 since we cannot answer questions about content that might be on the exam.)

Lecture Overview

Due to the project and the midterm exam, we will briefly recap what you’ve learned as part of “Act 2” in CS 240 during the course meetup section.


  1. Final Project - Week 2, due May 3 by 11:59pm