Lecture Week 1: Bits to UTF-8

First Course Meetup: Tuesday, Jan. 26

The first course meetup at on Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 12:30pm on Zoom. The link has been sent to you via e-mail and available on Compass 2g.

Lecture Handouts

This week beings our journey into Computer Systems:

(I strongly recommend you print out – or use a tablet – to take notes as you go through the videos. They’re designed to cover the same sample problems you’ll see in the lectures.)

Lecture Topics + Videos

  1. Course Introduction - MediaSpace Video
  2. Foundations of Computer Systems - MediaSpace Video
  3. Binary - MediaSpace Video
  4. Bit Manipulation - MediaSpace Video
  5. Hexadecimal - MediaSpace Video
  6. Orders of Magnitude - MediaSpace Video
  7. ASCII - MediaSpace Video
  8. UTF-8 - MediaSpace Video
  9. Weekly Wrap Up - MediaSpace Video

Course Meetup


  1. Homework 1: Your Dream Computer
  2. Homework 2: Binary Bits (PrairieLearn)


  • Make sure to join our course slack channel (link in e-mail and Compass 2g).
  • Your first MP – MP1: Emojis – is released next week!