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Enrollment, Attendance, and Exam


Can I enroll if I’m missing the CS 128 / ECE 220 prereq?

Many introductory programming courses that cover the listed materials will suffice, including CS 128 and ECE 220. However, CS 101, 103, 105, or 107 are not adequate preparation for the programming you’ll be doing in this class (you should take CS 125 first).

Can I enroll if I’m missing the CS 173 / MATH 213 prereq?

No. The discrete math requirement for the course is real. Most of the claims we make about algorithm performance will be rigorously justified using the proof techniques from CS173 or MATH 213.

Should I enrolled if I struggled in CS 128?

If you received a B- or below in CS 128 you will almost certainly have a hard time being successful in CS 225.

I want to enroll but the course is full.

Monitor registration frequently, as several students drop within the first two weeks while it is still possible to add the course.


Can I attend a different lab section?

As lab attendance is not for credit anymore, you can attend any lab section as long as there is room for it.

Can I work on the MPs / labs from home?

Yes! For setting up the CS 225 environment on a personal computer, see CS 225 on Your Own Machine.


What if I miss an exam?

Exams will be online using CBTF proctoring and any issues with conflicts will be handled by CBTF procedues. Please refer the CBTF policy about all these scenarios.