Make a checkout

To check out the provided code for your assignments from the class repository, go to the directory you want your work to be downloaded to and run the following commands:

svn co cs225

where NETID is your University NetID. If you’re on the VM or you’re own machine it will ask you to login as your local username first. Just hit enter, and when it prompts you for a username / password give it your NetID / AD password.

Password entry

On some systems, SVN (and other command line programs) will not display anything when you type your password. This is expected: type your password as normal, and then hit enter.

This will make a directory called cs225 which has all your course code in it. To get new assignments, just run svn up from your cs225 directory.

Setup the compiler

If you are on an EWS machine or are using SSH/FastX, run

source /class/cs225/setup

to load Clang, the compiler we’ll be using for this course.