Hellish Hash Tables
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 anagram_finder.cppImplementation of the AnagramFinder class
 anagram_finder.hDefinition of an AnagramFinder class for finding anagrams in a set of strings or within a file
 anagramtest.cppTest for the anagram finder
 char_counter.cppImplementation of the CharFreq class
 char_counter.hDefinition of the CharFreq class
 charcount.cppCharFreq tester program
 hashes.cppImplementation of specialized hash functions for different key types
 hashes.hDefinition of a namespace containing a templatized hash function
 hashtable.hDefinition of an abstract HashTable interface
 htiterator.cppImplementation of an iterator class over HashTables
 htiterator.hDefinition for an iterator class for HashTables
 lfparse.cppLogfile Parser application
 logfile_generator.cppLogfile Generator application
 logfile_parser.cppImplementation of the LogfileParser class
 logfile_parser.hDefinition of a LogfileParser class
 lphashtable.cppImplementation of the LPHashTable class
 lphashtable.hDefinition of a Linear Probing Hash Table
 schashtable.cppImplementation of the SCHashTable class
 schashtable.hDefinition of the SCHashTable class
 textfile.cppImplementation of the TextFile class
 textfile.hDefinition of a text file reading interface
 word_counter.cppImplementation of the WordFreq class
 word_counter.hDefinition of the WordFreq class
 wordcount.cppTesting program for the WordFreq class