CS173: Discrete Structures, Summer 2022

Welcome CS 173, Summer 2022!

Please look through the links above to get familiar with the syllabus and the tools that we'll be using. This page provides a quick summary to deal with immediate issues. See also information about special situations.


Add yourself to our Piazza site now. The link is in the menu above. Piazza is our forum for announcements, asking questions, and so forth. For online students, it is particularly important to stay connected with Piazza -- be sure to ask questions about the lectures there!.


This summer, there will be in-person lectures at least three days per week (ignoring holidays). The standard schedule is as follows:

The instructor office hours the first two weeks are primarily for resolving practical problems, such as questions about course logistics, registration problems and disability accommodations.

Class zoom links

Make sure that you are logged into Zoom with your U. Illinois (netID) credentials.

Particularly towards the start of the term, it's possible that we might need to update these zoom links. This page is the place to look for the current links.

Homeworks and Tutorials

Study problems and the problems for the tutorials can be found on the Tutorials page.

To receive attendance grades for each tutorial, you are expected to come to the tutorial class each week and make a good-faith attempt to work on the problems in your assigned group. To receive participation grades for each tutorial you are required to submit a write-up of one tutorial problem each week. It will be graded for completion in the same way as the weekly 'Study Problem'.

Each Sunday evening, there will be two pieces of homework due on PrairieLearn.