Start-up Information for CS 173, Fall 2014

This page contains some quick information to get going with CS 173.

Prerequisite and information form

Everyone taking the class must fill out the Prerequisite and Information form. This will allow us to verify that everyone has the prerequisites, including cases where you may have credits in progress or equivalent informal background. It will also give us information that will help us teach more effectively.

Be aware that the department plans to remove anyone who does not have the prerequisites. This will happen a couple weeks into classes, when it's difficult to repair your schedule. If you don't have the right background, it's much better to remove yourself earlier. If you are uncertain about your preparation, please consult with us now.

Textbooks, Syllabus, etc

The main textbook is online. There are two items available for purchase at the Union Bookstore:

The lab notebook is so that you can submit work during discussion sections, but also retain a copy for later studying. We believe this is most easily done using a carbonless duplicate lab notebook and we've selected one convenient model to put on the shelves at the Union Bookstore. However, it's ok to use other methods of quickly making a duplicate copy, such as your cell phone camera (if its pictures are good enough for you), a different model of duplicate lab notebook, loose carbonless duplicate sheets, the rest of a half-used chemistry notebook, etc. Those of you with photographic memories can simply turn in your only copy of the work.

Honors and Proficiency Exam

If you have taken previous proof-based math courses, you may wish to attempt the proficiency exam. For more information, see the CS Proficiency Exams page. The exam is offered on Saturday after the first week of classes (with a conflict time the preceding Thursday evening). Sign up by Thursday of the first week of classes (Wednesday for the conflict).

If your background is strong and your schedule is not very full, you may wish to do the Honors Add-on.

Moodle and Piazza

By the time of the first lecture, our Moodle and Piazza sites should be operational. Check that you can access both. Make sure that you are accessing the sites for your correct lecture (A vs. B).

You may use any email address to enroll in Piazza. You aren't required to use your official U. Illinois email. To enroll on Piazza (or to self-enroll on moodle if you aren't officially registered yet), use the access code given out in lecture. If you missed lecture, ask any course staff member for the code.