Lecture 1

We did a quick review of administrative matters and started covering propositional logic.


You should find the CS 173 course home page. See the start-up page for critical things to do now. Also find Thursday's reading assignment and pre-lecture quiz on the lectures page for the A lecture.

With the pre-lecture readings, you'll also see pointers to the most critical sections of the on-line syllabus, e.g. the policies on excuses and cheating. You are responsible for reading these.

Discussions are required and start next week.

Examlets: start of class every Tuesday, starting Sept. 9th. If you need special accommodations for exams, contact me NOW.


Our ACM chapter is holding an open house Wednesday at 7pm in 1404 Siebel. Be there or be square. Also, they have free pizza.


We covered highlights from sections 2.1-2.4 and 2.7-2.8. You should also read through the details more carefully on your own. We'll continue with chapter 2 on Thursday.

Some useful logical equivalences