CS173: Discrete Structures
Fall 2014   Margaret Fleck

Homeworks will be posted on this page about a week before they are due.

Study problems should be done by 11:45pm on Wednesdays. You do not need to turn them. Instead, check your answers against the annotated solutions. You are also encouraged to compare solutions with your classmates, bring them into office hours to consult with course staff, etc. Public discussion on Piazza should not begin until Thursday morning, after everyone has had a chance to attempt the problems on their own.

Long-form homeworks (approximately every other week) must be submitted (via moodle) by 11:45pm on Fridays. You must do long-form homework on your own, perhaps with some help from the course staff. Do not work with your friends and/or classmates.

Your long-form homework solutions must follow the homework style requirements. You will submit your long-form homework on-line via moodle, using latex mode for equations. When diagrams are required, these must be neatly formatted. Pointers to tools and documentation can be found on the moodle homework formatting page.

Assignment Hints/Bugs Target date
Study Problems: math prerequisites and logic   3 September
Study Problems: number theory   10 September
Study Problems: modular arithmetic and set theory   17 September
Long-form Homework HW 1   19 September
Study Problems: relations   24 September
Study Problems: functions   1 October
Study Problems: graphs   8 October
Long-form Homework: HW 2   10 October
Study Problems: Two-way bounding, problem 1 from induction   15 October
Study Problems: problems 2 and 3 from induction, problem 1 from unrolling   22 October
Study Problems: trees   29 October
Study Problems: problem 4 from induction, problems 1 and 2 from recursion trees   5 November
Long-form Homework: HW 3   7 November
Study Problems: algorithms   12 November
Study Problems: contradiction, collections of sets   19 November
Study Problems: state diagrams, countability   before final