CS 173 [B], Fall 2012


Note: Please declare any collaboration.

Submission Instructions

Typically an online version of the homework will be posted on Moodle, like a quiz. (There may be slight differences between the PDF version posted here and the Moodle version.) Unless otherwise instructed, you should submit the Moodle version.

Some of the problems require you to enter your answers into free-form text boxes. These answers will be manually graded. Please see the style-guide on how to write these answers. Before starting to type up these answers, you should have them written down neatly in a sheet of paper, so that you don't waste your time editing the answer online, on the fly.

Hardcopy Submission. Some homework assignments will require hardcopy submission. These should be dropped off in the appropriate homework dropbox. The dropboxes are located in the Siebel basement, towards the east end of the main corridor, between the lounge area and the vending machines. Each dropbox for CS173 has two discussion sections marked on it. Put your homework in the box marked with your discussion section. Be sure that your name and the day/time of your discussion section (e.g. Monday 12) are easy to read at the top of your homework.

Please see the style-guide on how to write your solutions. You can neatly write the solutions by hand. Or, if you wish, you can type up your solutions -- preferably in LaTeX (starting from the LaTeX file provided), or in other word processors -- and submit a print-out.

Collaboration Policy

In this course you are allowed to discuss homework problems with your classmates, and to work together in small groups (e.g. 2-3 people). Read the cheating and collaboration policy for details of what is and is not allowed. In particular, notice that each person in a homework group must write up and turn in their own solutions, in their own words. Also, you must declare the other student(s) you collaborated with.

The goal of homework problems is to understand the material and the goal of working in groups is to help all of you understand the material. If you merely copy someone else's solutions, you will do poorly on the exams, which are worth much more than the homeworks.