CS 173 [B], Fall 2012


Final Exam

Our final exam will be from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Tuesday, December 18.

Location: Main Library room 66 (lecture room) and Psychology room 23.

Assignment of rooms for the exam:

If your discussion section is go to
BDA (11:00 AM) Library 66
BDB (12:00 AM) Library 66
BDC (1:00 PM) Library 66
BDD (2:00 PM) Library 66
BDE (3:00 PM) Psychology 23
BDF (4:00 PM) Psychology 23
If you are taking the exam as a proficiency exam, you should come to Psychology 23.

Topics: will cover all topics covered in the course, focusing somewhat more on parts after midterm 2. Some review material is available on Moodle and Piazza. The lecture slides (and clicker questions) should also be helpful. In addition, all graded work (assignments, pre-lecture quizzes, post-homework quizzes and midterm exams) would be relevant.