Course Staff

Bill Chapman

I have a background in Math, CS and Atmospheric Sciences. This will be my fifth semester teaching CS 125. When I’m not working, I like to work on my golf game.

Barkey Bryant

My name is Barkey Bryant. I am in the last year of the doctoral program in Jazz Performance. When I'm not playing music, I love to spend time with my wife and 2-year-old daughter. As native of Tennessee, you might detect a little of my southern accent. I hope y'all don't mind.

Mihika Dave

I am Mihika Dave, a first year MS in Computer Science student. My primary research interest is Machine Learning and have completed my bachelor's thesis in the same. I had an amazing experience TAing Microprocessors Programming and Interfacing earlier and am indeed excited about being a TA again!

Po-Shiun Ho

This is Po-Shium, a second year master student in CS. This is my first time as a TA for this course. Everyone looks so cool! I look forward to working with all of you this semester.

Tarun Chhabra

I am Tarun Chhabra, a second year Master's student in Structural Engineering. I was TA of CS 125 for the past few semesters and I really enjoyed working with CS125.

Bingjie Jiang

I am Bingjie Jiang, a first year master's student in computer science dept. This is my second time being a TA. Really looking forward to working with you in the near future.

Manav Kedia

I am Manav Kedia, a 1st year MS student in CS. I was a TA of CS 440 last semester. My interest lies in Machine Learning and its applications. I love programming. I like to spend my free time playing table tennis.

Bofan Sun

Hello, I am Bofan Sun. I will be the first year master student in CS department. This will be my second time TAing CS125. I am really excited to teach students and work with the team.

Qi Zhu

This is Qi. I'm a new master student in computer science this Fall. And it's my second time being a TA and excited to be a member of this team. I kind of have wide interest in travel, sports and etc.

Anqi Mao

I am Anqi Mao, a first year master in CS. I took this class before with Bill, and it’s so amazing I could take it again as a TA. It’s my first time being a TA. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and workig with you.

Yinan Zhang

I am Yinan Zhang, a last year PhD student in CS working on information retrieval. This is most likely my last semester in U of I, and I'm very excited to work as a TA for CS 125 before I leave this beautiful campus. When I'm not working, I like playing music, reading, and traveling.