Should I take CS 125, or a different CS class?

CS 125

CS 125 is a fast-paced introduction to Computer Science and goes into topics that are advanced for a first course. Consider this course if you are interested in learning Computer Science and intend on taking more advanced CS Courses in the future (e.g. CS225 Data Structures).

CS 103info

This is a small-class style for non-CS major freshmen only.
This new introductory 3 credit programming course will provide a non-technical introduction to the joy of computer programming by applying fundamental programming constructs to manipulation of images, sounds, and animations, and to development of simple games and puzzles. While the programming language we'll use will be Python, we do not intend that the language itself will be the focus of the class. Rather, Python will be the tool we happen to be using to achieve our programming goals. Creative problem solving will be emphasized.

CS 105

Are you more interested in learning computer applications and simple programming concepts for business and other non-Engineering fields? CS105 includes using Excel, database software and visual basic.

CS 101

Are you interested in learning basic programming and problem solving skills for engineering and scientific fields? CS 101 uses Matlab for mathematical modeling and C.