Proficiency Exam

Proficiency Request

Interested in taking the 3 hour proficiency exam? The proficiency exam for Fall 2017 will be held Saturday August 26th 2017, 7-10pm.

Note that just knowing how to program (e.g. CS105 / high school AP) is not sufficient to be proficient in CS125. Read on for what is covered on the exam.

Studying for the proficiency

Please see the example exam questions from the course. You will be tested on writing Java (or C++) code and the later concepts of the course:

Assuming you can already write OO code, review the questions in midterms 2, 3 and the final: Sample Exams.

You may answer the exam in C++ or Java. No other languages are accepted.

For Java programmers, if you wish, you can assume the existence of a helper class (TextIO or Keyboard) to read a line of text (e.g. TextIO.getln) or integer (TextIO.getlnInt) or double (TextIO.getlnDouble) value. Alternatively, you may use the standard java.util.Scanner class. C++ programmers can assume that the standard iostream libraries are already included use the standard cout and cin objects.