Welcome to CS 125 - Next Steps

What now?

You need to do some simple logistics stuff -

Please bookmark Piazza, the cs125 home page and the lectures page.

CS 125 Home page: http://courses.engr.illinois.edu/cs125/

CS 125 Lectures page: http://courses.engr.illinois.edu/cs125/fa2017/lectures.php

Sign-up link for CS125 Piazza (Fall 2017) here: http://piazza.com/illinois/fa2017/cs125
Bookmark this CS 125 Piazza Home Page: http://piazza.com/illinois/fa2017/cs125/home

Then visit the Lectures page to find out what the readings for Wednesday are ...

Please bring your laptops to lab/discussion session this week and next as you will be installing java, eclipse and svn. You will save yourself headaches if you remove any previous versions of java, eclipse and svn and use the distributions recommended to you in lab/discussion sections this week. If you are having trouble with this step, office hours will start next week and you can bring in your laptops to get the help you need.

To set up Turings Craft, see this document: https://courses.engr.illinois.edu/cs125/fa2017/turing.php

For those interested in the proficiency exam: https://courses.engr.illinois.edu/cs125/fa2017/proficiency.php Take a peek at the readings and course load for the rest of the semester and decide if the time commitment seems excessive for your current schedule. If it is not possible for you to consistently do the readings and come to class prepared, please drop this course now so that others can enroll. See you Wednesday. We will start the lecture with questions from the readings.

See you Wednesday. We will start the lecture with questions from the readings.

Bill and the CS 125 Team