MP2: Hollywood

The Assignment

As always, start this MP by reading R-E-A-D-M-E-F-I-R-S-T.txt, in the MP you checked-out from subversion.

This graded assignment consists of three short programs:

As the lead programmer for the Writers Guild of America,West (WGA) you have three programming tasks today:

What You Will Learn

  1. Programming Skills:
    • Translate program descriptions into a complete Java program.
    • Find and fix runtime errors in existing code.
    • Use unit tests and manual testing as part of the development process.
    • Use Eclipse Development environment to create, run, test and commit programs.
    • Add comments and authorship
    • Reading source code for Pong Game
  2. Java Skills:
    • Format text output using TextIO put and putln methods.
    • Read input from the keyboard using getln,getlnInt.
    • Create and use String, int, boolean, double variables.
    • Perform simple calculations using arithmetic operators.
    • Use String instance methods contains,trim,toLowercase.
    • Use integer arithmetic (division).
    • Use floating point arithmetic.

What You Should Already Know