MP1: Debug Me

The Assignment

This graded assignment consists of three short programs:

Each program contains bugs, is incomplete and requires further work. Each programming problem includes a test program. Each program is tested using different input values and its output is checked against the required output. If there is a discrepancy in your program's output, the Console window will include more details about which lines were correct and which were incorrect. Your challenge is to modify,, and finally, so that all of the unit tests pass. The grade for MP1 is based on the fraction of unit tests that succeed.

What You Will Learn

  1. Programming Skills:
    • Translate program descriptions into a complete Java program.
    • Find and fix runtime errors in existing code.
    • Use unit tests and manual testing as part of the development process.
    • Use Eclipse Development environment to create, run, test and commit programs.
  2. Java Skills:
    • Format text output using System.out and Scanner methods.
    • Read input from the keyboard using Scanner methods.
    • Create and use char int, boolean variables.
    • Perform simple calculations using arithmetic operators.
    • Use integer arithmetic.
    • Use simple loops and conditions.

What You Should Already Know