Lab 2

Part 1 (55 min)

Fall 2017: Handout

Preflight Checklist

Eclipse basic knowledge Checklist

Part 2:

Challenge 1 - Computer graphics

In Eclipse, check out 'CS125Lab2' from Subversion:

Browse the contents of your subversion repositories:

Run the Lab 2 java examples:

Play with the examples. Right click in the Package view, or on the file's contents, and select "Run As Java Application", or click the green Run button in the top menu. Run each application separately to see what they do. Look at the code for each. Modify each of them and see if you can make them behave differently and try to understand why they behave how they do. Or, use one as the start of your own idea. Be prepared to demonstrate what you changed for each example to a Doyen for your lab achievement points this week.

We will not be using these files any other times in our course, so if you break them, it's OK! Have fun with these and experiment. It's the best and the most fun way to learn!

Note that you can't commit your changes back to the common shared area in subversion. However, if you wish, you can Team-> _disconnnect your project from subversion, then Team->Share it to your own subversion area. After that, you can commit it to send the changes to subversion.

If you can't access subversion:

For this lab only, you can get the project here; the assistants or google will show you how to import it. (Hint: File->Import->General...) Future labs will require you to have subversion access.

Challenge 2 (time permitting)

Create a breakpoint in Example5BouncingBall on this line:

velocityY = -Math.abs(0.9 * velocityY);


Today's lab points (10 points)

During the lab, the assistants will walk around and quiz you and help you! For today's section points, you should be able to demonstrate and/or explain: