The autograder does not run when you commit files to the repository. Instead, the autograder is manually run a few times immediately before and immediately after the deadline.

The autograder creates the following files inside your subversion directory. These files are at the root level (i.e. they are not inside the MP project). Use the Eclipse view "SVN Repository" to read their contents.


  1. This file includes a summary of how well you did each time the autograding was performed. The file will contain lines simililar to the following:
    • 20071031-10_55_37.628,YOUR-NET-ID,MP6,3
    • i.e. On Halloween at nearly 11am your MP6 project was awarded 3 points
    • i.e. Check the details inside the directory 20071031-10_55_37.628 for more information.
    • Your final score will be based on the maximum value in the last column.


  1. Ignore this file; it's used by the autograder to check whether you've changed your files.