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CS 105: Intro to Computing for Non-Tech Majors

Learning to Think Like an Engineer via Computer Science

This is the main course website for CS 105 - Spring 2019. Check back often for updates. I know some of the links are broken, we are updating but wanted the main site up!

There is one required book that can be purchased from the Illini Bookstore.

The course syllabus contains the policies governing the class. Please review it prior to asking questions regarding the structure of the course.

Additionally, make sure you are signed up on Piazza. Your TAs and CAs will put free times on the Google Calendar so you can see who is available to help at various times in the semester.


Please check back often as events will be added as they get scheduled.

The comprehensive Final Exam Schedule, including locations, will be available by course via the Course Explorer. The professor does not have control over the final exam date or when it is posted.

If you need to take the Conflict Final, contact Jillian (jzwilli2) the course Admin. Remember, you must have a valid reason for taking the conflict exam (i.e., an actual exam in conflict). Please include in your request the course name and number that is creating the conflict with CS 105. Conflict Exam requests must be received no later than April 22.