Free Response Scores

You can view your free response answers, the rubric, and your score on the bottom of the feedback page for Midterm 1. You will notice your grade is not yet part of the gradebook since we will offer you a second chance at these problems.

Second Chance

As announced in lecture, you are able to exempt the free response points you lost on the exam from your CS 105 grade by completing the second chance activity. This means that, if you complete the second chance activity:

The second chance requires you do two things:

  1. Complete the problem correctly. (JavaScript code)
  2. Provide an English description of your solution explaining what your code does.

Second Chance Activities

You can choose to complete any one of these problems or all three problems. To complete the problems, follow the links below:

Your explanation must describe your solution completely and in detail. If your description does not describe your solution, you will not earn the second chance exemption even if your code is correct.