In lecture, you have seen six functions used so far: SUM, SUMIFS, AVERAGE, AVERAGEIFS, COUNT, and COUNTIFS. For this MP, you will use those six functions, along with basic addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and/or division (/) to answer fifteen quesitons about a new data set.

The data for this MP comes from, which Wikipedia describes as an entertainment, social networking and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links. The UIUC community on reddit is the largest University-based community on all of reddit (found at /r/uiuc).

reddit is similar to Yik Yak, some newer message boards, and other Internet forums where users can either up vote or down vote a post. Each up vote adds one to the score of a post while each down vote subtracts one from the score of the post. The data set in MP4 contains over 2,800 individual reddit posts with information about the topic of the post, the total score, the number of up votes, the number of down votes, and other related information.

Download The MP

Similar to previous MPs, this MP starts with a base set of files that can be downloaded here.

Important Details


You will find fifteen questions about the data set all within the Excel file you just downloaded. When completing this MP, ensure that:

Submission and Grading

Your Excel file must open with Excel to receive any credit at all. We will award points for your program completing the following:

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