Final Project


As part of CS 105 this semester, you final project will be a visualization that you create using your own data and d3.js. You will have four weeks to complete this project, with different parts of the project due each week as part of your lab section.

In total, this project will be worth 100 points. Your grade will be based on both your TA evaluation of your project and your peers assessment of your project and the support you provided your team.

Week 1: Forming Groups

In lab, you will pick your own teams of 2-3 students (no groups of 1; no groups of 4+) to work in to complete the Excel lab (Lab #10). As part of the lab, you will submit a sheet of paper to your TA that indicates your team.

Week 2: Data Sheet

Before your lab section, your team will find or gather a data set consisting of at least 300 rows of data, where each row contains at least 5 unique columns. In general, the more rows and more columns your data has will make the later parts of the project more interesting.

Week 3: Hand-drawn Visualization

During lectures between now and this lab, you will learn about data visualization, which will help you complete this step. However, it is not necessary to use something seen from lecture – this is all about being creative.

Using what you have learned, you team will need to create a hand drawn visualization that shows the data visualization that you plan to create. There are only a few restrictions on this data:

This week is all about being creative! The deliverable is a hand drawn data visualization, due at the start of your lab section.

Week 4: Hand-drawn Visualization

Using d3.js, your team will create a data visualization of your data you gathered. You and your team will give a short presentation (2-4 minutes) about this to your lab section.

You must turn in your project 24 hours before your lab section. We will pre-load your visualizations onto a computer and you will present to the lab sections what your visualization is all about.