About the Proficiency Exam

The proficiency exam for CS 105 consists of 30-50 multiple choice questions and 3-5 long-answer "free response" questions that cover the topics presented in CS 105. This exam is similar to the final exam of the CS 105 course. The questions largely consist of JavaScript programming, Microsoft Excel, HTML/CSS, and some general computing topics. If you only know Excel or only know JavaScript, you will not be able to pass the exam.

A PDF containing 37 sample questions can be found here.

A score of 70% or better on the exam will earn you a "PS" credit for CS 105. You should talk to your academic advisor to understand what credit that satisfies.

You may only take the CS 105 proficiency exam once and may not take the proficiency if you have taken any midterm or final exams of CS 105. Additionally, you may not earn proficiency credit for CS 105 if you have credit for a more advanced programming course (eg: CS 125, CS 126, CS 205, CS 225, etc).

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