What is Piazza?

Piazza is an online discussion board, similar to Compass web boards or other online forums. Piazza allows for you to publicly post a question (and even post anonymously) and students, TAs, and the course instructor can work together to make a really great reply. Piazza is the only online board which you will find the CS 105 course staff online.

Since the question, answer, and replies are all public, Piazza will be a great resource when you have a question on an MP or lecture material.

Best Practices on Piazza

From previous experience, there are some key practices that make Piazza most useful for everyone:

  1. Always search first! Often, you will find the question you have has already been answered.
  2. Make your post simple and to the point. Questions that are multiple paragraphs in length will rarely get answered.
  3. Understand the academic integrity policy on the course website. You should never post more than one or two lines of code in getting debugging help.
  4. If you understand someone's question and know an answer, help them out! Kindness is rewarded -- you never know when you will need help!

Accessing Piazza

The CS 105 piazza requires an access code to sign up. The access code for CS 105 is IllinoisCS105.

Course Link: https://piazza.com/illinois/fall2015/cs105/