Download The MP

Completing the MP

Take a look

You will see a 3x3 matrix filled with the numbers 1 through 9. Each number exists exactly once. This may look like an older phone's key pad after your little brother (or sister, dog, hamster or whoever else is up to no good in your home) got a hold of it and switched all the keys around.

What's this game about?

The point of this game is to put them back in order by swapping out pairs of tiles until you get to this nice familiar layout.

To do this, the player will click on one tile he/she wants to swap. The tile should turn orange (color #D35400) in response.

The player then clicks a second tile and the game board will flip the two clicked tiles like so:

The player then must continue to swap tiles until he gets all of them into the right place. At that time, an alert box should appear that tells the player what a nice job he/she has done.

Your turn

Now you get to make it all happen. Move on to step 2