This MP is all about you exploring, expanding, and showing off your creative genius! Instead of completing a task we set out for you, as most of your future MPs will do, you have the opportunity to do nearly anything you imagine -- so long as it conforms to a few minimal standards.

This MP, like all MPs in CS 105, is a solo assignment. Review the course syllabus to understand exactly what is expected of you when it comes to academic integrity.


Formal Requirements

This MP has very few formal requirements and is largely open-ended. However, it must be completed in Scratch. You can find the Scratch Editor here. Additionally, your program:

Finally, your program must run by pressing the green flag. If your program is interactive, you should display text to instruct the user on how to interact with your program. The grader will open your program, press the green flag, and expect something to happen or to be given instructions on how to make something happen.

Since Scratch is an online tool and your work is not saved in the cloud, it may be useful to "Download to your computer" often in order to safe your work. You will upload your final .sb2 as your submission for this MP. You can create a Scratch account to save your work online as you work on it, but you should not "Share" your project until after the due date to avoid anyone cheating off of you.

MP Ideas

Despite being simple, Scratch is a very powerful programming language. There are several different types of applications that can be developed:


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