Summer 2015

Attention: Please check this page at least once every three days for updates.

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Conflict Exam


There is a new arrangement to receive proficiency for CS101. Please click on the "Proficiency" link above for details.

7/19/15 There will be a review for the CS 101 Final Exam on 8/6/2015 at 6:00pm in 1310 DCL.        

7/19/15 The final exam covers material from lectures 10 thru 24 inclusive,
prelabs 5-12 inclusive and labs 5-12 inclusive
                and the MP 2 material. 

7/19/15 There has been a change in date for our final exam. The new date is:

                Final Exam
                Date: Saturday August 8th
                Time:  1:00pm - 3:00pm
                Location: 1320 DCL ( the auditorium next to our lecture room)

6/08/15  Lecture begins on Monday, June 15th. Labs begin on Wednesday, June 17th !
6/30/15  There will be two help sessions for MP 1 this week in the 2022 ECEB lab on Wednesday July 1st 7pm - 9pm and Thursday July 2nd 7pm - 9pm.
6/30/15 Hidy has changed her office hours to Thursdays 11am - noon at 3107 Siebel Center.

6/30/15 Here are the dates/times/locations for the exam reviews this semester.
             Please go over the older Summer midterm exams found at the bottom of the Exams page
            on the course website.  You may also use the Midterm 1 exams from Fall or Spring as practice too.
             The format of the exam review is question and answer.
            The TAs will answer all the questions that you pose during the midterm review.

                Midterm Exam review: Tuesday July 7th 6-8pm in 1310 DCL
                Final Exam review: Thursday August 6th  6-8pm in 1310 DCL

6/30/15  The midterm exam will be based on the material in lectures 1 - 7 inclusive, prelabs 1-4 inclusive and labs 1-4 inclusive and the MP 1 material.