Spring 2015

Attention: Please check this page at least once every three days for updates.

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Conflict Exam


There is a new arrangement to receive proficiency for CS101. Please click on the "Proficiency" link above for details.

3/2/15 Students should read the material from lectures 8 and 9 on their own and the material from lectures 8 and 9 will not be covered in lecture. The material in lectures 8 and 9 will not be included on the second midterm exam but will be tested on in lab this week and used in future labs.

3/2/15 TAs will hold their normal office hours this week. There are no evening MP help sessions this week.

2/18/15 For the week of 2/23/15 - 2/27/15 TAs will NOT hold their normal office hours. They can be found in the labs in the evening working in the MP help sessions. See the MP page for details. Also, there will be NO labs for the week of
2/23/15 - 2/27/15. You can email your individual lab TA and ask them whether they will be present during the normal lab session. There will be a practice prelab available but it will NOT be worth points in your course point total, it is for practice for the exam purpose only.

2/18/15 There will be am Midterm 1 exam review on Monday  February 23rd in 1404 Siebel Center from 5pm - 7pm. The format of the review is Question and Answer. Please go over the previous semesters Midterm 1 exams and use these questions as a basis for your questions for the review.

The Midterm 1 exam will be on Thursday Febrary 26th  from 7:00pm - 8:00pm. The Midterm 1 exam will cover the material found in lectures 1-7 inclusive, labs 1- 4 inclusive, prelabs 1- 4, 4.5.

2/16/15 Locations for the first Midterm Exam are posted here.

2/9/2015 MP 1 has been posted. The due date is Friday February 27th, 9pm. In Lab 4 you will code the find_xy function found in MP 1.

1/07/15  Lecture begins on Wednesday, January 21st. Labs begin on Monday, January 26th !