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CS 100
Fall 2022
Margaret Fleck

Welcome to CS 100, Fall 2022

Instructor: Margaret Fleck (mfleck@illinois.edu)

This course will cover a variety of fun and interesting topics related to getting settled in our CS department and making the best use of your time here.

The course meets Fridays, 3-3:50pm, in Lincoln Theater. There is no textbook. You do not have to do anything before the first lecture.

This course is intended to be informative but not stressful. Grading will be based on attending lecture and doing online quizzes (roughly each week). I'm planning to record lectures and/or post detailed notes, and there will be some drops. So plan to attend lecture most weeks, but you won't have to come every week.

If you have a disability (DRES) accommodation letter that seems likely to affect your participation in this course, please email it to me (mfleck@illinois.edu) so we can make a suitable plan.