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Dr. Jenny Amos
1270 DCL

Office hours: open door


Bioengineering 498 JRA. Bioreactor lab is a course that provides hands on experiences relating to tissue engineering and bioreactor design.  Students will perform experiments that simulate a graduate experience by designing systems, running the experiments, performing analysis and reporting findings.  Students will be given assignments relating to current literature and state of the art in the area of tissue engineering to be explored.  Projects will be assigned for small teams, 2-3 students, to divide up workload needed for culture.  Students will also keep a laboratory notebook and submit a report after completion of the project, including a presentation to the class.

Class meets M 9:00-9:50 am in 3211 DCL.

Lab will meet in 3116 DCL 3:00-6:00pm Mondays and Wednesdays.

Expected Outcomes

Required Textbook

None, all lab protocls will be provided.

General Cell Protocol

Lab 1: Cytotoxicity Screening

Lab 2: Blood Phenotyping

Lab 3: Collagen Contraction Product Literature

Lab 4: Hydrogel Printing

Reference texts
Tissue Engineering, W. Mark Saltzman, Oxford University Press, 2004.
Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine, Second Edition, Buddy Ratner et. al., Elsevier Academic Press, 2004.
Cell and Tissue Reaction Engineering, Regine Eibl, Dieter Eibl, Ralf Pörtner, et. al., Springer, 2008. E-book through UIUC libraries


Grading Scale

Lab quizzes: Approximately weekly; will build upon topics covered in lecture.
Note: Students may discuss reports, but should write up reports independently.
Lab practicals to test skills leanred may be given at any time.


Week Monday Lecture Lab Wednesday Lab
1 8/25 Overview & Lab 1: Biocompatibility Cell review 8/27 Cell review
2 9/1 No class no class 9/3 Lab 1: Culture cells and Practical
3 9/8 No class - Frontiers Lab 1: start culture in 6 well plate 9/10 Lab 1: add samples
3 9/15 Contamination Lab 1: Observe 9/17 Lab 1: Fix, stain
4 9/22 Lab 2: Blood type Lab 2: DNA isolation, PCR 9/24 Lab 2: Digests
6 9/29 Lab 3: Collagen Gel Project - Sensors Lab 2: Electrophoresis 10/1 Lab 2: Carry-over
7 10/6 Lab 3: Collagen Gel Project Lab 3: Sensor design 10/8 Lab 3: sensor design
8 10/13 Amos Out Lab 3: sensor design  and thaw cells 10/15 Lab 3: Culture cells
9 10/20 Imaging and Ethics in Research Lab 3: collagen gel start 10/22 Lab 3: collect data, release gel
10 10/27 Lab 3: Microenvironments lab 3: collect data, stain 10/29 Lab 3: Image
11 11/3 Lab 4: Hydrogels Lab 4: Collect data, fix 11/5 Lab 3: Stain and image and
Lab 4: Prepare stock solutions for hydrogels
12 11/10 Lab 4: Cells on stiff materials Lab 4: Coverslip prep and gel prep 11/12 Lab 4: Substracte functionalization, stamping, seeding
13 11/17 AFM Overview Lab 4: Fix cells 11/19 Lab 4: Stain cells
13 11/24 Thanksgiving Break Thanksgiving Break 11/26 Thanksgiving Break
14 12/1 AFM II, ICES AFM 12/3 AFM
16 12/8 no lec! Clean up 12/10 Clean up

*You are assigned lab time in which to finish your tasks, for some labs, you may finish your work before time is up, for others you may need to work additional hours outside of lab time. You are expected to work as much as needed to perform at or above my expectations.