Dr. Gregory Underhill
3236 DCL
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Principles underlying tissue structure-function relationships.  Engineering methods for manipulating cellular environments.  Quantitative cell and tissue characterization.  Design and clinical translation of cell-based therapies.

Class meets TR 9:30-10:50am in 114 Transportation Building.

Course Objectives

Required Textbook


Reading material will be assigned from a combination of book chapters, review articles, and primary research papers.



Two midterms (7th and 13th week of the semester).  Midterms are closed-book exams during the normal lecture period.


Students will organize into groups of approximately 6 students, select a tissue-engineering topic from a list provided, and prepare a proposal that designs an experiment to test a novel tissue engineering approach.  Writing guidelines will be provided at a later date.  Groups will also prepare presentations of their design, to be presented during class.

Homeworks/In-Class Exercises

  1. Approximately 5-6 homework sets based on lectures and assigned reading material.
  2. In class assignments and discussions.

Note: Students may discuss homework problems, but students must complete their own work and write up solutions independently.

In-Class Quizzes

Approximately 10 pop quizzes will be given throughout the semester (roughly 1 per week, excluding exam weeks and project presentation weeks).  These quizzes will be given at the beginning of the lecture period.  The 2 lowest quiz grades will be dropped from the total quiz grade.  A missed quiz due to absence or late attendance will count as one of these dropped quizzes.



Homeworks/In-Class Exercises   24%

In-Class Quizzes  5%

Midterm #1  24%

Midterm #2  24%

Project Presentation  10%

Project Proposal  13%

Letter grade determination:

>97% = A+; >93% = A; >89.5% = A-; >87% B+; >83% = B; >79.5% = B-; >77% = C+; >73% = C; >67% = C-

* Link to student gradebook

Week Of



Homework Due


Introduction: Tissue Engineering and Cell-Based Therapies

Tissue Organization

Reading: paper 1 (read for Tues. 9/5)



Tissue Morphogenesis

Tissue Dynamics

Reading: chapter (read for Tues. 9/12)



Stem Cells and Lineages

Cell Isolation and Culture



Cell-Cell Communication

ECM and Natural Scaffold Materials

Reading: chapter (read for Tues. 9/26)



Synthetic Biomaterial Scaffolds

Reading: paper (read for Thurs. 9/28)

Scaffold Fabrication & Tailoring

HW #1 Due Thursday 9/28, In Class

HW #1 Solutions


Graft Rejection/Material Biocompatibility

Project Introduction- Review

HW #2 Due Thursday 10/5, In Class

HW #2 Solutions


Midterm #1:

Weeks 1-6

Quiz #1 Solutions

Quiz #2 Solutions

Quiz #3 Solutions

Quiz #4 Solutions

Quiz #5 Solutions

No Lecture



Controlled Release/Drug Delivery




Cell Migration

Readings and Associated Questions- To be Discussed (Thurs. 10/26)

Cell Mechanics

HW #3 Due Tues. 10/24 In Class

HW #3 Solutions


Microtechnology Tools I

Microtechnology Tools II

HW #4 Due Thurs. 11/2 In Class

HW #4 Solutions


Engineered Disease Models

Stem Cell Therapies

HW #5 Project Summary, Due Thurs. 

11/9 In Class


Case Study

Midterm #2

Weeks 8-12

Major Topics to Review

Quiz #6 Solutions

Quiz #7 Solutions

Quiz #8 Solutions

Quiz #9 Solutions

Quiz #10 Solutions



Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Break


Project Details/

Tissue Engineering Ethics

No Lecture

Project Discussion Meetings



Project presentations

Group 1: Artificial Cornea: (Adam Dama, Deepthi Suresh, Arthur Adisumarta, Matthew Tang, Cynthia Liu, Alessandra Garcia)

Group 2: Heart Patch: (Shrey Maheshwari, Noshin Nawar, Viraat Goel, Andrew Gonsalves, Paula Limberg, Kurt Kostan)

Group 3: Bioartificial Kidney: (Melina Megaridis, Elizabeth Rhode, Erin Tevonian, Alex Hasnain, Than Huynh, Brandon Rodgers)

Group 4: Traumatic Brain Injury: (Jeffrey Varhese, Mark O'Connor, Matthew De Venecia, Jessica Austriaco, Brycen Kirklin, Teresa Yang)

Group 5: Epimorphic Limb Regeneration: (Omar Kashow, Rachele Wen, Ashley Dettlaff, Dominic Demma, Rachael Valiunas, David Kline)

Project presentations

Group 6: Microscale Tissue Eng: (Kathryn Sullivan, Allen Bell, Elizabeth Lee, Brittany Lung, Yao Yao)

Group 7: Engineered Lymphatics: (Lily Benig, CJ Hunter, Michelle Delana, Emily Delacruz, Bara Saadah)

Group 8: Spinal Cord: (Tom Keaty, Will Herbert, Allen Ni, Noah Dietzen, Jace Peters)

Group 9: Facial Reconstruction: (Eileen Johnson, Danielle Baietto, Will Zhang, Noah Schmid, Kyla Swain)

Group 10: Injectable Cartilage: (Dexter Ballou, Anleen Cao, Caitlyn Deegan, Kassidy Zhou, Lily Barghi, Mia Sales)



Project presentations

Group 11: Organ-on-a-Chip: (Tanmay Ghonge, Ryan McGrath, Daniel Lee, Daniel Hong, David Romero, Nathan Cornwell)

Group 12: Ligament Tissue Eng: (Erin Kim, Graham Su, Ravi Malpani, Monica Muthaiya, Jonathan, Chang, Boeun Hwang)

Group 13: Stimuli-Responsive Scaffolds: (Jessica Cook, Jessica Lothridge, Priya Soni, Christine Lannon, Ayesha Ellahi, Doris Wang)

Group 14: Engineered Tumor: (Philip Chang, Anton Christensen, Austin Stilger, Danny Capua, Michael Gleason, Sachi Singh)



Exam Week

Proposal Due: Wednesday 12/20, 5pm